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How to avoid being sick during the rainy season

How to avoid being sick during the rainy season

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Everyone enjoys the scent of fresh soaked mud during the rainy season. As chilly winds stifle the heat during the scorching summers, rain brings a lot of delight. However, because of the increased air humidity and lowered immunity, this rainy season also brings a lot of infections and diseases. Do you know that during the rainy season, many viruses and bacteria invade and multiply in the human body?

The risk of infection and illness is common in rainy seasons due to many reasons such as weather changes, the easier transmission of viruses, and lower immunity levels. Colds, coughs, diarrhea, dengue, influenza, typhoid, cholera, etc., are a few illnesses that occur during the rainy season. Therefore, you must take precautions to safeguard yourself from infections to stay healthy and enjoy the rainy season without getting sick.

 9 Tips to avoid sickness during the rainy season

9 Tips to avoid sickness during the rainy season

1) Drink a lot of fluids

Drink a lot of fluids

Keeping your body hydrated can help you during the rainy season as it keeps your body free from flu and cold. Warm water would be preferable because it increases blood circulation, which speeds up metabolism and keeps you healthy. Additionally, drinking something warm during monsoon feels good. If you don’t like plain warm water, you can add lemon, create green tea, or have fruit juice or other wholesome smoothies to stay hydrated. Plus, try to consume at least 6 to 8 glasses of water each day.

2) Eat Right

Eat Right

One of the most effective and least expensive strategies to keep oneself healthy during the rainy season is to eat healthy foods. You can choose some incredibly nourishing foods like lentils, green vegetables, and soups. A warm soup boosts your metabolism and can revitalize your body. You may easily stave off the flu and other infections by increasing your vitamin C. Nutritious food is also resistant to diseases in the rainy season.

3) Keep your hands clean

Keep your hands clean

Maintaining your hygiene is crucial If you want to keep yourself healthy throughout the rainy season. You can prevent several ailments, including fever, the flu, and cough, by washing your hands often at short intervals. Covid-19 has already emphasized how important washing your hand is. Some washing instructions include washing your hands for at least 20 seconds, using a good soap, and using it correctly to clean your nails, palm, and fingers. The final step would be to rinse and dry it thoroughly.

4) Always keep your monsoon gear ready

Always keep your monsoon gear ready

As you are already aware, it is crucial to have an umbrella and a pair of clothes with you when it rains. An umbrella is an essential item you should have while going outside during the rainy season. Getting wet in an unpredictable downpour can result in fever and cold, but an umbrella can keep you from getting entirely wet. The other thing you can do to avoid getting sick from unpredictable rain keeps a spare set of clothes on hand during the rainy season. Wet clothing invites viruses into your body which might cause a cold and fever. To prevent situations like this, always have a spare set of clothes in your bag.

5) Keep it neat and clean

Keep it neat and clean

Keeping your surroundings clean is the most crucial tip anyone can provide; it goes unsaid that if your surroundings are clean, you can battle diseases that spread due to an unclean environment. One such illness is dengue, the most severe illness caused by mosquitoes. During the rainy season, dengue spreads rapidly. Always ensure there isn’t any standing water, look for and try to get rid of anything that can encourage mosquito hatching, and carry some insect repellent with you when you go outside. Following these simple precautions can protect you from dangerous illnesses like dengue.

6) Exercise Daily

Exercise Daily

Do you know Exercise can help you avoid the cold? it may seem trivial to many people how exercising daily can prevent a cold? Exercise or even something as easy as walking for 30 minutes, can prevent several chronic diseases and inflammation. Regular exercise also lowers stress levels and speeds up the circulation of white blood cells, which are apparently referred to as disease-fighting cells. Therefore, regular exercise can strengthen your immune system and protect you from monsoon fever.

7) Add turmeric and black pepper to your diet

Add turmeric and black pepper to your diet

Since turmeric has a wealth of therapeutic characteristics that strengthen your immune system and aid in disease resistance, it has been scientifically demonstrated to be beneficial. Both black pepper and turmeric are excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant foods. You can drink turmeric milk or prepare tea by mixing the two ingredients. Black pepper enhances the effects of turmeric by enhancing its absorption into the body and increasing its potency. If you don’t like the flavor, you can still add them while preparing your meals.

8) Avoid traveling

Avoid traveling

It is always recommended that you stay in when there is raining outside as commuting during monsoon can be difficult and can make you thoroughly drenched. Avoid commuting as much as possible during peak hours when congestion is high, and avoid metros and busy streets. Leave early in the morning or discuss your schedule change with your boss to avoid the trouble and potential of getting caught in a downpour.

9) Keep your eye on weather updates

Keep your eye on weather updates

Weather updates are like life saviors during the monsoon season; you should always keep an eye on them as it can save you from getting drenched and catching a cold and cough. Follow some good social media accounts that share daily information about weather forecasts and traffic updates that might help you get away from flooded areas and find alternate routes.


No doubt, everyone has a different method of enjoying the monsoon season. Some people read books by the windows, others make special treats like pakoras and jalebis, and others dance around in the rain like children. But whatever you do, take care to avoid becoming sick because diseases can ruin the monsoon and occasionally even endanger your life. So, while having fun, try to be vigilant and take precautions to prevent monsoon sickness. This post provides 9 suggestions that will not only protect you from monsoon illness but also strengthen your immunity and make you feel better overall. So, while wearing your armor of protection, enjoy the monsoon.

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