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9 Lifestyle Habits That Cause Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

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Are you worried about the continuous growth of dark circles under your eyes? If yes, then remember that these dark circles are a direct result of your lifestyle habits like lacking enough sleep, not eating the right food, indulging in fun activities late at night and many such things. We all know that the skin around the eyes is much thinner than the rest of the face, and that is why you need to treat it gently.

But remember that even if you take care of your under-eye skin, it will still remain dark if you are following some bad lifestyle habits that sabotage all your efforts. In this case, the most effective eye creams and concealers would also fail to treat the dark circles. If you want to remove the dark circles entirely, make sure you go through the nine lifestyle habits that cause dark circles under your eyes and try to change them for a better under-eye skin.

Lifestyle Habits that cause dark circles:

  • Heredity:

Sometimes heredity and genetics can become a strong reason for your dark circles. It is unfortunate to see that you will have to suffer from the dark circles for your whole life as they are genetically transferred from your parents. In this case, you might have dark circles since your childhood which can sometimes make you feel disappointed and irritated. Moreover, you can see that these dark circles don’t go easily even after you try multiple creams and lotions.

Although you cannot get rid of them totally, you can try to use some homemade remedies to make them light. So make sure you include healthy foods in your diet and apply some remedies to lighten your hereditary dark circles.

  • Lack of sleep and tiredness:

Sleep deprivation and tiredness often causes the skin to become dull and allows the dark tissues and blood vessels below your skin to show. Moreover, if you lack enough sleep, it will cause the fluid to accumulate under your eye bags and make them look puffy. So when you are tired and don’t get enough sleep, you will eventually see puffy eyes with dark patches on it. To avoid getting them, make sure you follow a perfect sleep routine and try to use ice cubes to massage the eyes.

  • Allergies:

When you continuously scratch the area under your eyes, either due to allergies or any other reason, it causes dark circles. For instance, you might have heard about allergic shiners that are the dark circles under eyes caused by congestion of sinuses and nose. They are generally described as dark and shadowy pigments that resemble bruises. These are named allergic shiners because they are explicitly caused due to allergies.

The allergies can be of a particular food, indoor allergens like dust mites and cockroaches, outdoor allergens like grass and ragweed pollen, etc. So if you are allergic to any of such things, then make sure you stay away from them and protect your eyes from getting darker.

  • The deficit of nutrition:

Nutrition deficiency is another common reason that causes dark circles under eyes. The food you eat might not be giving enough nutrition to your body which can often make you feel dizzy and tired. This would also impact your health and make your eyes look darker. To avoid this issue, you must include nutrition rich food in your diet. Make sure your body gets vitamins like A, C, K, E and various other nutrients.

  • Age:

Although age is not a lifestyle habit, it can be considered as a crucial life factor that determines the intensity of dark circles under your eyes. If you observe, the skin under your eyes is delicate as compared to other skin areas. Besides, when you start ageing, the skin under the eyes tend to turn even thinner than before that makes the blood vessels swollen and further results in dark circles.

  • More exposure to the sun:

When you reveal your skin to the sun for a longer period, you will see that the skin’s surface starts developing pigmentation and generates dark circles under the eyes. The reason behind this pigmentation is that when the skin is exposed to the sun for such a long period, it produces a great amount of melanin around the eyes than regular days. This leads to unwanted dark colour under the eyes and makes them look tired and dull. Remember that when melanin is made on the upper layer of the skin, it looks brown, and when there is more generation of melanin than usual in the inner layer, it starts to appear blue or blue-grey.

  • Anaemia:

If you have iron-deficiency in your body, you will likely see dark circles under your eyes. This form of iron deficiency is called anaemia that results in poor oxygenation in the body tissues. The lower oxygenation levels are often a cause of low supply of oxygenated blood in the body. If you are dealing with anaemia and want to get rid of the dark circles, you can start including healthy food in your diet as good lifestyle habits always make your body feel good. You can start eating green leafy vegetables, dairy products, and fruits for creating a rich amount of iron in your body.

  • Hormonal Changes:

Most of the women might have observed that they see the dark circles under their eyes after frequent periods. This is often caused due to hormonal changes in the body due to menstruation or pregnancy.

  • Drinking less water and Smoking:

Habits like drinking less water and smoking are also the main causes of dark circles under the eyes. These habits also lead to the loss of water from the body, which further increases the darkness under the eyes. So when you continuously smoke or don’t drink enough water, you will observe dryness and dullness under the eyes.


If you want to clear out the dark circles under your eyes, make sure you change your lifestyle habits mentioned in this article for a positive result.

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